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Acupuncture is an ancient practice of using thin solid sterile needles, inserted in precise energy centers on the body to adjust the flow of a person's vital energy, Qi, to alleviate dis-ease in the body.

Stress or dis-ease in the body may show up as migraines, upset stomach, acid reflux, anxiety, diabetes, panic attacks, depression, infertility, impotence, constipation, body pains, emotional stuckness, high blood pressure, insomnia, diarrhea, etc. It can even show up as a lack of purpose, or lack of direction.

If you are feeling unlike yourself, unwell, stuck in a rut and need help making a significant change in your life, acupuncture may very well be your answer.

Derrick McCoy is a state of MD licensed acupuncturist. He takes great pride in helping clients deal with the stress of life and to help find balance and relief from physical, mental and emotional challenges that are somewhat difficult for western practitioners to address.

Have an issue or challenge. Try 4 treatments with Derrick and see if your symptoms persist or begin to go away.



1.5Hr Intake Acupuncture Appointment

Every journey starts with a powerful first step! Step into a new found inner peace with acupuncture. Migraines, body pains, menopause symptoms, nauseau, acid reflux, depression, intense PMS, IBS and a host of other body disharmonies can be addressed and treated with acupuncture. I recommend 4 sessions. (1 intake and 3 followups) If your condition has not improved then consider another form of treatment.


Medical data collection, Physical, Treatment planning, 1st Treatment


1 Hr Acupuncture Followup Appointment

Continue onward in your rediscovery of inner peace and healthy emotional, physical and spiritual living with an acupuncture session designed to support your inner harmony and promote ease and balance in this chaotic world filled with all matter of challenges and stressors.  I can help you find the answers to the questions you have been seeking, your truth.

Change your life!

It is time to live fully!

Counseling, Coaching, Diagnosis, Treatment

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